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I had no idea what I was looking at, but it was unbearably romantic in a steampunk sort of way.” In another essay, “Camp Food,” Gierach takes on all the ways we prepare meals based on the ingredients we carry with us into the backcountry. From freeze-dried backpacker fare to canned beans cooked over a fire, he weighs the pros and cons. Along the way he touches on food in America in general, as in this passage: “We Americans do many things well, but feeding ourselves isn’t one of them. Much of our food is poisoned by refined sugar, preservatives, and saturated fats, but health-food snobs are sanctimonious enough to make you long for fast food anyway.” click to enlarge Gierach’s wry humor is a highlight of the book as a whole, and each essay is peppered with such observations. It’s never forcedunlike that friend we all know who tries a little too hard to be funny. Instead, it’s the wit of someone who is maybe smarter than he lets on, and whose commentary is based on a habit of listening, rather than flapping his gums. Growing older on a framework of choices made as a younger man is a common theme throughout. Describing the type of men who try to make their livings in the hinterlands as guides, he says, “Some are young and starry-eyed about life in the backcountry; others are older and realize that while your twenties and thirties can be about reinventing yourself, your forties and beyond are more about trying to make the best of who you’ve become.” Gierach doesn’t dwell on it much, but it’s clear that his commitment to a life of fishing as often as possible, financed by writing, probably hasn’t been the easiest of paths. That he seems to have pulled if off is more a testament to his skill on the page than with a fly rod.

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