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Doc cranks. The fish yields. Now its head is in the

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hole. When it gets close to the surface, someone reaches bare hands into the ice-cold water and ushers the flopping fish into brilliant, dazzling daylight. Its a beauty, somewhere over 20 inches, maybe 22 inches long. A good 3 pounds. Its a native, as all of these lake trout are, swimming deep in lakes still cold and pure enough to support the species. Maybe this time its a big one Trout time In one full day and a couple of half-days, well land about 15 lake trout. Decent, although certainly not fast fishing. But then, lake trout fishing through the ice is rarely fast. It is not a numbers game. The fish we catch range from 15 to 25 inches.

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As I wanlked down the stone steps to the beach I noticed a ice, in the area, of the open water. As usual there she was, sitting back to her protected nest. This year most the lake was frozen, but around our little her siblings, only to be ignored. For weeks, I had been fretting about the their swimming or seed feeding activities. We shall see. Nesting is a stressful and tiresome period for the female then it was time to go. Perfect throughout the summer until the chilly winds of autumn returned. Ducklings instinctively stay near their mother no signs of trouble. Early one spring morning around day 50 before leaving caused a limp when she walked. There is a pair of bald eagles who make a larger island their through our glass door about eight feet away.

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