How do you store firewood: inside, outside, winter, summer, dry, wet, green

How do you store firewood inside outside winter summer dry wet green

Many people these days tend to buy a lot of firewood for several purposes, such as warming up the home, making a barbeque, for making a fire for different reasons, like camping (check out my article about Uses for a survival or camping hatchet or axe)or warming up during the cold weather e.t. But whenever people buy firewood, they usually tend to buy a lot more or bigger stacks so they can be settled during a longer period. So if you are one of those people you might be wondering what would be the best way to store firewood. Well hopefully this article will enlighten you a bit on that subject. There are many ways and areas where you can store firewood, like for example: – in a garage, indoors, outside if you’re living in a house, in your apartment, also there is the basement, in a shed, near the house e.t.

Different places where you can store firewood

How do you store firewood inside

When you store firewood inside, before anything else, you have to make sure to inspect the wood before bringing it in. This is essential, because this way you will save all you wood from possible bug infections and other dangers, such as pesticides. Also make sure the wood is dry and when you store it, for your own and others safety, don’t put it next to some fire hazard elements. After checking the wood, you can then store it in rows at the place in your home that you meant to put it. That way it will take up a lot less room in your home and it will be better arranged and looking tidier. You can also add some decorations on the sides, depends on how much wood you actually have, but still if you want it to look fancier, adding up some decorations, such as book holders or fireplace tools next to it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, just make sure you don’t put anything that can potentially cause fire, of course.

  • How do you store firewood inside in winter

Well storing wood in winter inside your home is almost the same way as storing firewood in your home every season. The only difference is when it’s cold and rainy, you might want to keep your rows of wood stored away from the side of the walls of your home. You can out them in the middle of the room next to the walls, but not on the side walls, because otherwise it could lead to staining, rotting and damaging your walls. Another important thing to remember when storing woods inside, particularly during cold weathers is to always clean the chimneys and the wood stove, because otherwise it could potentially cause fire. Also, never use insecticide to your firewood at home, because the fumes can be harmful to your health. So safety always comes first.

  • How do you store firewood inside in summer

Basically, when storing firewood, the same principles are important for the summer and every other weather as well. Only in summer the danger of getting your walls stained or rotten is less likely, due to the lower percentage of rains and cold weather. One more thing to add when storing wood, always use old wood first and store the new wood below the old one. That way you will use the old wood first, stopping it from rotting in your home.

How do you store firewood outside

When storing the wood outside, first pick the right location. Make sure it is dry and protected from rainy days. Next, when you stack the wood, make sure it is a few inches off the ground, that way it will stop from molding and rotting and keep your wood safe. When you stack the wood, make sure it is stacked properly, that way it will take up much less space and it will be arranged better.

  • How do you store firewood outside in winter

When storing firewood outside during winter, the same rules apply as mentioned above. You have to choose the right location and the wood has to be stacked properly and in a dry area for better air circulation, as well as it has to be a few inches from the ground, with the old wood stacked first, so that if pesticides and termites or bug attack it first and your new wood would safe. Also during cold weathers, it is very important to cover the wood properly and protect it from the rain, ice and chilly weather, because that way it will stop it from causing moisture.

  • How do you store firewood outside in summer

Storing firewood inside in summer is again as previously mentioned almost the same way as the other weathers. The only difference is however, in the fact that during summer, especially being put outside, there is a bigger risk of it being attacked by snakes, rats, lizards and other reptiles, which can damage the wood. But the real problems are really mostly the bugs and the termites are basically the woods biggest enemy. So as a safety measure, keep your wood checked regularly and you can use a bit of insecticide below the old wood to keep the bugs away, but make sure you keep it as far away as possible from people and especially children. That’s why wood should be kept as a far as possible from your home, for your own safety.

How to store firewood in a shed, garage, basement or your apartment

If you are planning to keep wood stored in your house, the best place it would probably be the garage or basement, or a shed as well, the further away from your home the better. But if you are planning to keep the wood there, make sure that there are no air connections to the place where you live and that there are no ways for pests to get to the place you are living.

How to store different types of firewood

There are several types of firewood and ways in which you can store them. Here are some of them:

How to store a bulk firewood

Since the risk of getting infected or molded is higher with bulk firewood, it is best to keep it in a larger area with enough sunlight and air coming in. Make sure is isolated nicely as well as far from wet or near to the ground areas. Keep it as dry as possible. This way it should last for at least a few years.

How to store a cut firewood

When you cut firewood, it is best to first measure your wood oven or fireplace and then cut the pieces the right size that would fit them. It is best to cut them all at once the same size and store them in a bigger rack perhaps, so it can be easier for you to use it and it will take up less room as well. Especially during the winter or colder days. So again, store it in a place where it is dry and reachable to use at any time, like a rack with the cut wood pieces near the wood oven or fireplace or a bigger stack with cut pieces stored in the basement or the garage perhaps.

– How to store green firewood

Green firewood is firewood that is not seasoned and has moisture content. The moisture content determines whether the tree is green or not and the moisture is determined by how long the tree has been cut up, dried and split. Everyone who has tried to light green firewood is aware of the frustrations of using it, because of the high moisture intensity and it being wet, it I very hard to keep the fire going. When this wood is in the fire it makes a sizzling sound, which is produced by the energy and heat, caused by the fire and used to evaporate the water from the wood. The best way to store green wood is to first split and stack it in a dry place where it can dry well. This drying process could even take about a year or so, depending on what type of wood we are talking about. So basically, when it comes to green firewood, the wood you are cutting now, would be the firewood you will be using next year. So it is probably best to plan ahead or maybe even avoid using firewood, when it comes to green firewood, because it will save you much time and effort and keep you safer.

How to store seasoned firewood

Seasoned wood is wood that is cut in pieces and let to be cured so that the sap can evaporate out of the wood. You can also be assured that it is seasoned, because you have seasoned it yourself and even though seasoned wood may not always be available when you need it, it is the type of wood similar to the green firewood with which you have to plan ahead, thinking perhaps a year ahead, in order to be able to put it in good use. The best way to store seasoned firewood is to keep it as much as dry as possible and in a safe environment, free from moisture and pests and other types of infections.


How long do you store firewood

Usually the length of how long a wood can last depends on the very type of wood, the climate, it being exposed to different elements e.t. If it is well protected and in good conditions, such as free from bug infestations e.t., it should last for years even, so it all depends on what type of wood and what climate your firewood is surrounded with. If you see that the wood has started to get rotten or slightly fall apart, then it is best to change it or get rid of it.

How long can you store firewood outside

If you put your wood under the right conditions, outside, it should last at least about 3 to 4 years. Make sure it has a good access to air and sunlight as well as dry and you won’t have a problem making it last longer. If however you notice your wood has begun to mold or decay, or if it has gotten infected somehow by termites or pests, then it is probably best to get rid of it.

How to store firewood long term

As mentioned previously, the best way to keep your firewood protected for the long term is to keep it safely off the ground and put on a dry area, away from the cold and wet weather, like a concrete or similar and to keep it covered. If you do this it should last for years without a problem.


How to store firewood to avoid termites

In order to keep your firewood away from termites, you must first understand how termites themselves work or in other words function. Termites generally get attracted by 3 things: moisture, cell based material and protection from the sunlight. Also whatever you do, keep your wood away from the ground, especially when it’s outside. Termites tend to make a tunnel and by freestanding, about 3 feet or even higher, they will do anything to reach the food source, the moisture source. They are constantly looking for food, they will eat the old wood back and forth and look for new sources as well. So whatever you do try your best to keep it on a dry area and far away from the ground as possible.

How to keep your firewood dry

Keeping your firewood dry is not a difficult task to do. In order to do so, you must put it in an area free from any exposure to wet and cold weather. Then it is best to keep it off the ground. Also if you like to make sure it will stay dry, buy an inexpensive tar paper or a fiberglass tarp, it should help as well. The trick is really to just keep it in the right location and be careful with the weather. The hotter and drier the location the better.

Well we hope this article helped you learn a few things and to better storage your firewood. If you liked it please share it and if you have any comment or something to add, please let us know in the comments bellow. Thank you and Happy Holidays! J


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